Configuring email-based password resetting

Revenue Results allows a user to reset their password from the log in screen if they forget or need to change their password.

Before configuring e-mail based password resetting, a system administrator needs to ensure that email settings are defined in Organization Setup, and that password resetting is enabled in the user security sections.

This section contains the following topics:


System administrator tasks

To allow for email-based password reset:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Collector > Setup > Define Roles.


Step 2: In the Roles area, select the role to allow password reset for.


Step 3: In the Role privileges area, click the expand  button for Tools, then again for Password.


Step 4: Select the Change Password and Set Password Challenge Questions checkboxes.


Step 5: Click Save Changes.


Step 6: Navigate to Administration > Collector > Setup > Define Users.


Step 7: In the Active tab, select the user to allow password reset for, and click the Contact Information tab.


Step 8: In the Work email field, type the work email address for the user. Do this for each user requiring the ability to reset a password via email.


Step 9: Click Save Changes and Close.



User tasks

With Revenue Results configured for emailing a temporary password, a user can now configure their account to use this feature.

Topics in this section:


Enabling a user account for the ability to reset a password by email

Even though the system is configured for emailing temporary passwords, the collector needs to initiate this feature by setting their Password Challenge Questions.  These questions allow a collector to define personal answers to specific questions, one of which needs to be answered in order to have the system send the reset email.

To enable the ability to reset a password by email:

Step 1: Navigate to Tools > Password > Set Password Challenge Questions.


Step 2: From the three Question drop-down lists, select a question, and type the answer into the corresponding Answer field.


Step 3: Click Save Changes and Close.

Now, when a user enters an incorrect password at the log in prompt and receives the Login Problem Encountered window, clicking OK displays the log in prompt again, this time with the Forgot Password link visible. 


Resetting your password by email

If you forget your Revenue Results password, you can receive a temporary password by email, which allows you to log in to Revenue Results and reset your password.

To reset a forgotten password by email:

Step 1: After entering an incorrect password, in the Login Problem Encountered window, click OK.


Step 2: In the Login To Revenue Results window, click Forgot Password (this link is now visible, due to the first failed attempt at logging in).


Step 3: In the Password Challenge Answer window, type the answer to the password challenge question, which displays in the window, and click OK.

If you answer the challenge question correctly, a notification window displays, stating that a password has been emailed, and is only valid for 30 minutes.


Step 4: Click OK to dismiss the notification window.

The system emails the temporary password to the account specified as your work email in your user settings. Check the email account and copy the temporary password.


Step 5: Back at the Login To Revenue Results window, paste in the copied temporary password into the Password field, and click OK.


Step 6: In the Password Change Required window, do the following, and click Save Changes:

  • In the New password field, type a new password.
    Note:  This will be your new password for logging into Revenue Results.
  • In the Confirm password field, re-type the new password for confirmation that you typed it correctly the first time.


Step 7: In the Password Changed window, click OK.

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