Define Auto Adjustment Rules

An Auto Adjustment Rule allows you to set up conditions where an adjustment to the balance can be automatically generated for debtors and accounts that meet specific criteria.
Example: set up a rule that adds $10 on the first of each month if you charge a monthly 'carrying' fee.
Example: Create a rule that adds $5 to each account of a certain account type that is 60 days delinquent.
When the Auto Adjustment rules and the account qualifies, if the line item to apply adjustment does not already exist the system adds the line item.  If the line item exists it will apply an adjustment to that existing line item.


To Define an Auto Adjustment

Step 1: Navigate to Administration <Other < Define Auto Adjustment Rules.

The 'Define Auto Adjustment Rules' dialogue box will pop up

Step 2: Click + sign to add a new Rule.

Step 3: Enter a description for the Rule as well as the maximum number of debtors to apply the adjustment to.  This can go to Maximum of 10,000,000,000.

Step 4: Select any account statuses that will exclude an account from qualifying.

Step 5: In the Frequency section, choose how often to build the Rule.
            Period- one time only, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
            Choose Date – Varies depending on period selected
Apply- Apply the adjustment rule Unlimited times if it qualifies, only 1 time per Account or Only 1 time per Debtor.

Step 6: Choose Amount Details.
Line Item Code- which line item will the adjustment apply to
Adjustment type- Flat Fee or % of the balance
Adjustment value- Amount of the adjustment or % to apply
Status if the Adjustment causes balance to go to $0- if performing a decreasing adjustment that will zero the balance what should the account status become
Line Item Code in Balance- performing a % adjustment, choose the line items to consider into the balance total to determine percentage to adjust. For example: if you want 10% of balance not including Interest.

Step 7: In the Rules section, define the Conditions to qualify a Debtor/Account for the Auto Adjustment Rule.

Step 8: To edit the order of the attributes in your work list, select the attribute and click the arrow in the direction to move the attribute. To delete an attribute select the attribute and click Delete.

Step 9: To recalculate payment plans based on this adjustment rule, select the Recalculate payment plans upon adjustment checkbox.

Step 9: Click OK to save the Rule.

***Auto Adjustment Rules process in the Nightly Process on the server.  Nightly Process runs between Midnight and 1am of the day selected.  Notes will be placed on the Accounts and Debtors of the Adjustments made by the Auto Adjustment rule.

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