Accurint is a company that assists in the retrieval of Debtor information.  The Accurint functionality allows real time integrated skip tracing and easy merge of new data directly into Revenue Results. 

**You must be a subscriber of Accurint to use this functionality.  This will be establishing a new Accurint log on for your agency that is different from your Web Accurint log on. 

There are 2 types of services that you can subscribe to with Accurint:


Define Accurint Web Services

This is an XML type log in that you will recieve from Accurint.  This XML access allows Revenue Results to Query the Accurint database directly.

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration < Information Providers < Accurint

Step 2:  Define your organization’s User Name and Password to log the Accurint XML information (this will be a new password given to you by Accurint).  Our tool will link to the information from Accurint using your specific log in information.

Step 3:  Check mark the services that you subscribe to with Accurint. 
Add your DPPA Purpose and GLBA Purpose number.  These will be given to you by Accurint.
You will notice a description of the type needed display below.  DPPA # 3 GLBA #11 are common ones given to Court and Public agencies. Verify with Accurint or in your Accurint contract.

Step 5:  Click OK to save.

Define Accurint Batch Service:

  • 1. Navigate to Administration > Information Providers > Accurint > Accurint Batch
  • 2. First tab is Services.  Select the services that you are signed up for with Accurint Batch
  • Custom 1-4 are services you might have defined with Accurint directly

     3. Select the Options tab


    4. Insert Username and Password assigned by Accurint.  This will connect automatically to the Accurint FTP Batch Server.  Click Test to verify the connection

    5.  Select Merge Settings for each field listed, this will control how the data received from Accurint is placed into the system

    6. Options are Best and Non-Best- This refers to the data that Accurint will return and consider the Best address data available and then they may return secondary data as well which is Non-Best

     Contact Associate, Nearby and Relative– will be added on the Contacts tab with the contact type of Associate, Nearby and Relative.  

    Options are:

    • Take no action – will not add the new contact information
    • Add – will add the new contact information as a tab

    Debtor address and Debtor Phone have the same options- select options to add the Accurint results

    Options are:

    • Take no Action- do not add the address received
    • Add- add as an additional address
    • Add as Primary-add as the primary address on the debtor
    • Merge into Primary- replace as the primary address on the account

    Debtor Birthdate, Name and SSN have the same options- select options to replace the birth date with updated Accurint datae

    • Take no Action– do not add the new Accurint data
    • Merge- overwrite existing data with the new Accurint data

    7. Select if you would like the Accurint data to import in All Caps or Upper/Lower case

    8. Select to save the Batch file into a folder.   Batch files are uploaded automatically to the SFTP server setup by Accurint, but this option will also save the file to a location on your workstation.

    9. Click OK to save all settings

    Main Support Line:

    All Support Team Members (866) 684-7387
    Chris Stickney (Support) Ext. 5673
    Angel Davis (Support) Ext. 5756
    Brooks Robinson (Support) Ext. 5748
    Kellie Mendenhall (Consultant)      Ext. 5676
    Aaron Burge (Installation) Ext. 5710


    Mailing Address

    4400 NE 77th Avenue, STE 100
    Vancouver, WA 98662