Define Outside Collection Agency

Outside Collection Agencies are companies that accounts are forwarded to collect outstanding Debts.  Usually after collections efforts are exhausted in your agency they are referred to an Outside Agency. 
This is an Outside Agency that you are paying for their services.

Outside Collection Agencies involve a few steps to completion:

  • Define the Outside Agency
  • Forward Accounts to the Agency
  • Report on those Accounts

Define an Outside Collection Agency

Step 1: Click Administration < Forwarding < Define Outside Collection Agencies.

The Setup Outside Collection Agencies dialogue box pops up:

Step 2: Click Add to create a new entry.

Step 3: Enter a name for the Outside Collection Agency.

Step 4: Enter the information for the new Outside Collection Agency:

a. The 'This OCA is Active' checkbox determines if the OCA is available for users to choose when forwarding accounts to an OCA.

b. Check mark “FTB/COD?” if the outside agency is California’s FTB/COD program (Franchise Tax Board Court Ordered Debt).  If the FTB Module is installed this will activate the forwarding to FTB.  To learn more about FTB, click here

c. Enter as much contact information as possible.

d. Enter the rate that this OCA charges this is a fee for collecting the debt.   This will reflect in the OCA Payment Report.

e. Methods- This area will determine if an Electronic file or a Paper report is created of the Accounts forwarded to the OCA.  In Electronic format the file will be an XML file only.

f. Choose the letters that will be sent when forwarding and recalling debts from the OCA. If you need to create Letters, see Define Letters. Choose the method that will be used to send these letters. The options are Electronic and Paper.

Print the letters at process time: will immediately send to the printer when you Process the Forward Queue.

Send the letters to the Print Queue at process time: will place the letters in the queue when you Process the Forward Queue to be printed at a later time.

Step 7: Click OK to save the Outside Collection Agency.

 After the Outside Collection Agency is defined there are several ways to forward an Account to the Agency.  To walk through those options, click on each of the subject headings below.

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