Define Auto Forwarding

Sometimes it is useful to forward certain accounts to an Outside Collection Agency (OCA) automatically. This section defines a set of criteria for this to happen.   Accounts that fit the criteria will be automatically Forwarded.

To define Auto Forwarding

Step 1: Click Administration > Forwarding > Define Auto Forwarding.

The Setup Auto Forwarding dialogue box pops up:

Step 2: The OCA’s defined in the system will display automatically.  To Activate auto forwarding, select the Agency that you want to set up and check mark “Auto Forward rule is active”.

Step 3: Enter the rules for Forwarding:

  1. Days since account entry and Days since last payment. These are the number of days that must have passed to qualify for Forwarding. If you check the checkbox for “always forward if debtor has other accounts forwarded”, these days will become unavailable.  

b. 'How often should the process be run' field determines how often the system checks to if accounts qualify to be forwarded. The 'Minimum account balance shows the minimum balance in the account needed to qualify for Forwarding.

c. Check any of the checkboxes in the 'Account Statuses' and 'Debtor Statuses' that you want to prevent an account from Auto Forwarding.

d. Set up specific rules to qualify debtors for Auto Forwarding. To set up a rule, click in the 'Attribute' box and choose an attribute to use.  Choose a 'Comparison' and value in the same way. Only accounts that meet this criteria will qualify for Auto Forwarding.

Step 7: Click OK to save the Auto Forwarding Rules.

Step 8: The Accounts that have been Auto-Forwarded will be placed in the forwarding queue. Process the Forwarding Queue will be the last step to complete the forwarding steps.

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