Define Code Types

Codes are used throughout Revenue Results. A Code is basically any drop down box of data in the system. Drop down boxes keep consistency among fields of the same type, rather than manually typing the data.   As an example, in the Name Suffix field, rather than entering the suffix you choose it from a drop-down list of suffix codes. This keeps one person from typing in Junior and someone else entering it as Jr.

Revenue Results comes with default code types.  Also, new codes can be added or default codes can be edited to reflect the information you need.

Step 1: Navigate to Administration < Other < Define Code Types.

Step 2: The Define Code Types dialogue box will pop up

To edit an existing Code type:
Step 1: Select the code you would like to edit from the list. Some of them are not editable and will be grayed out.

Step 2:  Click in the Codes column and add

To create a new Code Type:

Step 1: Click the + button. The 'Add New Code' box will pop up:

Type in the new name. Note: Revenue Results will not allow duplicate names for Code Types.

Step 2: The new Code Type will show up in the 'Code Types' box. Click on its name in the 'Code Types' box and edit the information on the right:

Step 3: Enter field values for the code type, this will create a column next to the Code to add additional information.  For example, a field value Description, creates a Description column for the code.

Step 4: In the 'Other Settings' section of the screen, select the settings for this code type. Each setting is explained below:

Allow an empty value in the editors
Select the box to include an empty value to appear as the first selection in a drop-down list.

Sorted in the editors
Select the box to have the system automatically sort the codes in alphabetical order. This affects the order they display in the drop down list.
To choose the order, so the most commonly used codes are at the top, leave this box unchecked. Use the up and down arrows to set the order of the codes.

Display this field in dropdowns
Select the code type fields to display in the drop-down list.
You will notice the options correspond with the columns.

Step 5: Enter the code values and their appropriate values.

Step 6: Click 'OK' to save the Code Type.

TIP: Don’t forget, if you add a custom code, you will next need to create a custom field that is associated with the new code.

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