Define Matching Rules

As debtors are added to Revenue Results the system attempts to match the new debtor with existing debtors. Setup the rules used to determine how matches are made in the Define Matching Rules section.

Matching rules are set up on a point system.  For example 100 points is an exact match of Debtors, and more points should be given to unique information to confirm it is a good match. Fewer points should be given to information that many debtor might have in common such as; last name, or date of birth.    A Social Security Number is unique to each person, and should be given more weight, or a higher point value.  Debtor Reference 1 is also a unique identifier for the Debtor that your department may be using.

Define Matching Rules

Debtors are entered into Revenue Results either manually or with an Import file.  Both methods will use Matching rules to query the database for existing debtors.
To define Matching Rules:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration < Debtors < Define Matching Rules:


Step 2: The Define Matching Rules box pops up

Matching Criteria

Step 3: The default matching points are shown above. Assign points as you feel necessary if you are not using the Default settings.  Remember higher points for the unique values are important, and keep in mind your match threshold.

Match threshold is the total points needed for the system to automatically combine the debtors.  Normally set to 100, and if any of the Match Criteria Points reach 100 than the Debtors are combined.
Near Match threshold is used with Debtor Imports.  If a Match Criteria Points reach or exceed the Near Match, but not quite the Match threshold it is a near Match.  Near Matches are placed on a Near Match Report for later review.  This report provides the information to determine if the debtors are the same person and should be combined into one debtor.
Step 4: Click 'OK' to finish.

Matching during Manual Entry of Debtors

While entering a Debtor manually notice a section at the bottom of the box for “Automatically matched Debtors”.  This area displays if the system finds a debtor it believes could be the same one as the one being entered.  The score column updates based on the matching rules to show how close of a match.

In this example by typing in the Debtor Name you can see there is another of the same name in the system and based on name alone it is 50 point match. Or 50% likely this is the same person.

Enter Main Information

As more information is added the point value may increase to show the match.

Show the match

If it is decided the debtor being entered already exists in the system, double click on the result in “automatically matched Debtors” to combine that information.

Confirm Selection

Click YES and all the current debtor information will be populated.

Debtor populated

Click Next to continue entering the new Account information.

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