Define Ability to Pay

This section will allow you to track a debtors Income, expenses and assets to determine their ability to pay the balance owed.  Ability to Pay information can be helpful when setting up payment plan terms.
Ability to pay involves 2 steps:

  • Define Ability to Pay fields
  • Add Ability to Pay to Template screens

Define Ability to Pay Fields
Step 1: Navigate to Administration < Debtors < Ability to Pay < Define Fields and Template

 Step 2:  Ability to Pay dialog box will open

Step 2: Options (upper right hand corner)
Choose the Budget Period this will reflect monthly, weekly or biweekly.
Choose an Acknowledgment Letter. This is often a letter that is signed by the defendant at the time Ability-to-Pay information is gathered.  It will be printed from the Operations Menu. 
To learn more about how to create a letter for Ability-to-Pay, click here.

Step 3:  Select a Section to add fields to.  Click First empty spot in Fields area and type a Display Name.  Continue to add as many fields as needed.
Select Yes or No from the Used in Calculation field.  This determines which fields will be added together to calculate the debtor’s ability-to-pay.

Step 4: Add Label (button on the right) places a separator between lines or a division of information on the screen. 

Give the Label a Display name that will show on the screen.

The label will look similar to this:

Step 5:   Add the Ability-to-Pay option to the Debtor View and Edit Screen.  

  •  Navigate to Administration < Debtors < Templates < View and Edit Template.   Click here to learn more about Templates.

b. Check “Show Ability to Pay Tab” and Click OK to save. The View Debtor Template will display the tab at the bottom of the Debtor Folder.

The Edit Debtor Template will display a tab in the Edit Debtor Action that will allow you to add in information to the calculation.

Tip: Keep the display names as small as possible.  The system provides the ability to create Ability to Pay Agreement letter and due to merge field character limits the names should remain small in order to include everything on the letter.

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