Setting Dates on Letters

It is very common to have the date displayed on letters that are sent to the debtors.  This is usually the current date that the letter printed.   Setting up dates will now happen directly in Revenue Results, rather than Word.

To add Today’s date to a letter

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration < Correspondence < Define Letters

Step 2:  Click the Merge fields tab and select the field called Current Date.  This is found under the Miscellaneous section.

Step 3:  once you have moved Current date to the Selected Fields area it will be renamed CurrentDate_1_P_0.  This is because you can use this Current Date field many times.
Step 4:  you will notice that a   button becomes available.  Click this to define the format of your date on the letters

Highlight your date format and Click OK

Step 5: Define your letter as normal.
To Set a Date Offset
Revenue Results will now allow you to place a future date onto a letter.  This will give the user the ability to possibly define a due date for a payment or other situations.
For example:  You mail a Delinquent letter and you expect response in 15 days to the letter or they will be assessed an additional fee.  This date delay will allow you to place a date that is 15 days from the date the letter printed.

Step 1:   Use the Current Date merge field as above.
Step 2:  Click the  button to define your date type

Step 3:  Select your Day offset in the top right corner.

Step 4:  Click OK to save

Step 5:  The Current date merge field will now have the name with a number at the end to indicate how many days delayed.  This gives you the ability to place multiple date delays onto 1 letter.

Step 6: Launch Word and insert the date field onto your letter as normal.
To learn more about how to define a letter, click here.

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