Define Debtor Statements

This feature creates debtor financial statements including information on payments, current balance, and various account data elements.  Statements may be requested individually or in mass.  They also can be automated by the scheduler.

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration < Correspondence < Define Statements

Step 2:  Correspondence box appears similar to defining a letter.

Step 3:  Click Add and name the statement

Step 4:  Select options on the Settings Tab

Description of statement (optional)

Use this printer for this statement
Select a printer on your system from the drop-down list.  This will be the default printer for this letter, but can be manually changed during a Letter Request from Action panel.

Printer Options
Click on the  next to the printer selection to choose advanced printer options.

  • Select the Paper Tray Source if you have multiple trays and the letter should print from a specific tray. 
  • Select the Size of the paper, this will allow you to print on Postcards or other special sizes
  • Check to Print Colors, if the letter should be in color
  • Click OK to save these Advanced Printer Settings

Minimum balance for statement to be sent
Enter the minimum balance the debtor must owe to receive this letter. This balance could be a total of more than one account balance if more than one account is included in the letter.

Statement is active

This feature gives you the ability to create and work on a letter before making it “Live” to the collectors to use.  When the letter is complete and ready to use check “letter is active” and it will appear in all letter request options.
Allow letter to be sent to forwarded accounts
Even if a debtor has been forwarded to an OCA you would still be able to send them a letter.

This letter can contain only one account
Select the check box if this letter can only reference one account. This will provide you with new Account level Merge Fields.

Create a CSV file
This option will give you the ability to generate Letters to .csv file for print outsourcing. This is a file that could electronically send your debtor merge fields to an outsourcing group for the mass printing of your letter.

    • If you select this option when you do a Letter Request from the debtor folder if will automatically save that debtors merge field into a file. 
    • Keep in mind you cannot have a letter that goes both to .csv and prints, so if you have a letter that you use for both purposes you will need to Copy and Rename it to distinguish one as CSV and one for printing.

Step 5:  Click the Statuses Tab.  Select Debtor, Account and Payment Plan statuses that will prevent a statement from being sent to the debtor.

Step 6:  Select the Merge fields tab and select the merge fields needed for the statement.   Highlight the requested merge field and click the blue arrow to move it to the select merge area.

There are 3 fields specifically designed for the statements.  These merge fields include the Debtor Name and Debtor Address by default.

<STMTAcctMultiAcctType>- This will display a global summary that shows full balance for all accounts for the debtor and then it will list a summary for each by account type.  You will see the transactions and finance charges (interest).

<STMTAcctMultiRef1>- This will display a global summary that shows full balance for all accounts for the debtor and then it will list a summary for each by Reference 1.
You will notice in red below the Account Ref 1 is listed, but in the previous example it was the Account Type.

<STMTAcctSingle>- This will display only information for a single account.  Even if the debtor has multiple accounts this would display only one account at a time.  This will be helpful if you wanted a single statement per account, not per debtor.

Step 7:  To Define the Statement text Click Launch Word

Step 8: Create the text of the letter and insert the merge fields you selected. 

Step 9: Click Save and close Word.
Letter must be saved with same name you entered into Revenue Results, it will do this by default, so do not change the name.  Use ‘Save’ not ‘Save As’ in Word.

Step 10:  Click OK in Revenue Results to save the Statement.

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