Assignment Initial Methodology

Initial Methodology determines how debtors will be divided into Bins as they are initially entered into the system.  There are several options available, but only 1 methodology is active at one time.

Step 1: Navigate to Administration < Collector < Assignment < Initial Methodology.


Step 2: Initial Methodology dialog box opens

Step 3:  Select the Methodology Option and check which one is the active methodology.

Methodology Options include:
By Balance- sort by debtor total balance at the time they are entered in the system.

  • Select From and To Balance and Collector bin for each.

By Last Name/Company Name- this will sort debtors as they are entered    into bins based on first letter of last name.

  • Select name range (example: A-F, G-P, Q-Z) and Collector bin for each.

By Account Type- ideal if each collector works on a specific account type. This will divide debtor into a bin based on account they have at the time they are entered into the system.  If additional accounts of different types are added later it will not automatically switch bins.

  • Select Account Type and Collector bin

By Attributes- sort by multiple elements including Custom fields you might have created.

  • Choose Attribute, Comparison, Value, and Collector bin.

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