Define Roles

Each person with access to Revenue Results is set up as a user in the system and each User is assigned a Role to determine permissions. Permissions will determine the buttons and menu options that the User will see on their screen when logged into Revenue Results. For example, a collector may not need to see the Administration menu or Reports menu.

The topics in this section are:


Creating a new role definition

To create a new role definition:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Collector > Setup > Define Roles.


Step 2: In the Define Roles window, click the Add  button to add a new role.

Administrator is a Role created by the system that cannot be removed or edited. The Administrator Role has access to all options in Revenue Results.


Step 3: In the Role name field, type the name of the new role, and click OK.


Step 4: In the Description field, type a description.


Step 5: Click the expand button to expand the menu items and check/uncheck items to define the accessible options for a user.


Step 6: Click Save Changes to save the new role definition.



Viewing currently assigned roles

To view currently assigned roles:

Step 1: To see the users that are currently assigned to a particular role, highlight the role in the Roles pane, and click View Users.

A window opens, listing the users currently assigned to the selected role.


Step 2: Click OK to close the window.

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