Assign Primary Collector

Primary Collector allows the user to assign a primary collector to a collector Bin.  This will be helpful if more than one person will possibly work the debtors in the bin, but you want 1 name on a correspondence going to the debtor. 

In the Correspondence area we have a merge field called <COLPrime> that will use this field. 

The <COLPrime> merge field will place the name of the primary collector assigned to the bin on a letter.  This will ensure that no matter who requests the letter it will have the correct collectors name on the letter to the debtor.

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration > Collector > Assignments > Assign Primary Collector

Step 2:  Define Primary Collectors Box opens and you will see listing of the collector bins available.

Step 3:  Click in Primary Collector column and select from drop down list of collectors.  The available collectors in the list will be the collectors that are assigned to the particular bin.   To learn how-to define collectors, click here.

Step 4:  Click a Primary Collector for each Bin and click OK.

Step 5:  To use this Primary Collector Navigate to the correspondence area to select the merge field called <COLPrime>.

Step 6:  Place the COLPrime merge field on your letter and define your letter as normal.

Step 7:  COLPrime merge field will pull data from the Collector AKA field.  To Define Collector AKA navigate to Administration > Collector > Setup > Collectors

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